5 tips to keep your room neat, always

5 tips to keep your room neat, always
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To some of us, cleaning is second nature. The classic 'clean as you go' is what we do to maintain the cleanliness of the space we sleep in.

But not everyone has this good habit, right? To some, cleaning can be quite a chore!

But don't you worry, this article will help you grow positive habits that will eventually turn you into someone who will always keep your room neat and tidy.

Do you really need that many pillows?

Yes, having lots of pillows is indeed aesthetically pleasing. But do you really sleep with more than 5 pillows?

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In order for you to make the bed in a short span of time, why not cut down on the number of pillows to only what you really need? This will create a minimalistic look for your room as well.

This way you have more time to clean the rest of the room, less laundry load and more space on the bed too! It's a win-win situation for you. 😉

Only essentials on the bedside table

Pick the top 3 things that you need on your bedside table. It could be your phone charger, notebook and a photo of your family.

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The rest of the items such as your pens, iPad, tissue box and all the other things that you don't really use, just put those in the drawer. Out of sight, out of mind!

With lesser things being visible, this will make your room neater and cleaner.

Designated messy zone

"But my flatmate is a messy person!"

Yes, living in a co-living environment can be quite challenging at times. Your flatmate could be a messy person and they're ok with that.

But, just make sure their mess does not spill over to your own private space. Let them know that they can make a mess in their own space but your room is your space and they should respect it.

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As for common areas such as the kitchen or living room, let them have a corner for them to be messy. And if things get too messy or cluttered, let them know that it's time to clean.

Declutter regularly

If you have a piece of clothing or an item that has been sitting in your room for more than 6 months, and you've not been using it nor will you use it anytime soon - it's time to let it go.

This is your chance to earn extra money too. Just share this item on Carousell and who knows somebody out there is interested to purchase it from you!

One man's trash is another man's treasure, they said.

But if it's in a bad condition, in the trash it goes! 🗑️

Decluttering is also very therapeutic.  

Each item needs to have a 'home'

Every item in your room needs to have a designated 'home'. What do I mean by this?

Well, in essence, every item should be kept at a certain area of your room. Your laptop on your study table, the clothes in the drawer, your flask on your bedside table etc.

Once this is established, you'll always know where to keep your items. This helps in keeping your room neat as each item belongs somewhere. This will avoid your items being out of place in the middle of your room!

So there you have it. If you religiously follow these tips, it'll eventually grow into a habit and you'll have a neat and tidy room!

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