How often should you clean your bedsheets?

Once a week? Once a month? How to wash? Where to keep? All your questions, answered!

woman comfortably sleeping on bed
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We wash our clothes each time we're done wearing them for the day (or night), that's simple as that.

But what about our bedsheets and pillow case in our room? Do we wash them after every use? If the answer is yes, that only means we need them every single day! We'll be using a lot of water for the washing machine. 😱

Wash on alternate weeks

Thankfully, you don't have to wash after each use. It is recommended to wash your bedsheet every week, but if you're pressed for time once every 2 weeks will do too.

woman in pajamas making her bed
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However, it is strongly urged to wash and change your bedsheets weekly if you sweat a lot while sleeping, have dust or pollen allergies or have a pet sleeping with you.

Use hot water

The reason why hot water is used to wash your bedsheet is to eliminate germs and dust mites!

hand of a lady putting in floral clothes into a washing machine
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But of course, before unloading your bedsheet in the washing machine, be sure to read the labels first. Check if your bedsheet has any specific requirements during washing.

Pro tip: do not mix your bedsheet with your clothes in the washer. Separate them so that you can wash your bedsheet and clothes thoroughly!

Dry your sheets under the sun

We all love some sun, don't we? So do our bedsheets!

clothes in line being aired under the sun outdoors
Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

Besides being a natural disinfectant, sunshine also helps to brighten the whites! And in sunny Singapore, there's no excuse for you to skip this step, yeah?

Store them away from the sun

After drying them in the sun, it is important to keep them away from the sun.

man carrying a basket of white article of cloth
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This way, it helps to keep your bedsheets looking fresh and new. And if you're the type who loves coloured bedsheets, storing them in a cool, dry place will retain their colours too!

So, when was the last time you washed your bedsheets? Maybe you can do this house chore with your flatmates this weekend.

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