Egg-citing things to do this long weekend!

Time to eggs-plore these exciting activities 🍳

easter eggs on a bowl

Another long weekend is approaching with Good Friday and Easter Sunday just around the corner.

To celebrate this short weekend getaway, I’ve cracked my brain for a list of egg-related activities you can do with your loved ones!

Hunt for virtual ‘Easter eggs’

For those of you who prefer staying in this Fry-day to Sunday, why not go for a Disney Easter Egg hunt?

Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and The Beast making a cameo in Tarzan! | Image: Slash Film

Rewatch your favourite Pixar movies on Disney+ and spot as many Easter eggs you can find! Be it Hidden Mickey logos or other characters from other Disney shows, you’ll certainly have fun trying to beat each other’s points.

Cook an egg

Ok, listen up. Cooking an egg might be a walk in the park for most of you, and you must be wondering why is ‘cooking an egg’ even an option on this list.

But do you know that there are actually more than a hundred different ways to cook eggs? Isn’t that eggs-traordinary?!

Image: Eat This, Not That!

We have sunny side up, scrambled, boiled, poached, omelette, half-boiled and the list goes on. Why not learn a new method of cooking an egg this weekend? Who knows, what could be your next favourite type of egg?

Get crackin’!

Observe eggs hatch, if you’re lucky

Head down to Jurong Bird Park this weekend to look at cute little eggs in the Breeding and Research Centre and learn about the process of breeding these little birds in the oldest wildlife park in Singapore!

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

If it’s your lucky day, you might even witness a tiny baby bird hatching from its egg.

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Soak in your legs in a hot spring, while eating eggs!

This sounds a little bizarre but that’s what most people do at Sembawang Hot Spring Park!

Image: NParks

In this newly revamped park, you can boil eggs in one of Singapore’s natural hot springs and also enjoy the warm water running through your legs.

But don’t worry, there are separate areas to do these different activities. Just remember to bring your own pail, eggs, bowls and cutleries!

So, what will you be doing with your flatmates this long weekend? Share with us and tag us on Instagram!

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