5 fun activities to do in Singapore

Looking for new adventures in sunny Singapore? Here's a list of things to do with your friends and loved ones.

young asian youths on a banana boat

Do you wish to impress a date? Is your family visiting you from overseas? Do you want to do something exciting with your new flatmates?

Don't worry about all that, we have a list of fun things to do in Singapore that you wouldn't want to miss out on.  And at the end of this blog post, we'll be giving you a discount code from our friendly folks at Pelago!

Impress your date

If you're looking for something cute and romantic to do with your date, I would suggest exploring Singapore's first local gin distillery!

Together with your other half, you can taste locally sourced ingredients, as well as learn the processes of distillation, from mixing to bottling.

people at the distillery gin tour
Get to know ingredients like juniper berries – the primary botanical used in gin production and the signature note on both the nose and on the palate.

After the tour, savour four different Tanglin Gin expressions, followed by a bespoke gin and tonic cocktail. If the flavours appeal to you, purchase a Tanglin Gin bottle to enjoy at home at reduced cellar door rates.

Besides that, you'll also get to learn a brief history of gin and what makes this botanical spirit so popular and prep your tastebuds for a tasting flight of gin with stories behind each unique gin expression!

Fun time with family

March school holiday is here and if you're thinking of bringing your kids or niece/nephew out for some quality time, here are some of my recommendations.

Spot intertidal animals

What better way to pique the little ones' curiosity than embracing nature?

When the tide goes out, the intertidal animals come out to play! For a small window of time on just a few days a month, the lowest tide of the day or night exposes the exciting intertidal zone.

crab hidden in the grass
Find burrowing animals like sand bubbler crabs, ghost crabs and other wildlife including sea stars, sand dollars and button snails on the beach.

Spot the tiniest hermit crabs, watch how a sea cucumber breathes, follow a sea star searching for food, and learn about the fun facts of many more unique marine creatures living in this special habitat.

Prepare to be surprised and amazed. Suitable for everyone from kids to adults, and groups of friends to nature seekers! For more information, head here.

Discover Clementi Forest

If you're a nature lover, hiking Clementi Forest is a must to do.

Hike through the dense botanical landscape of Clementi Forest on an adventure to explore the abandoned Jurong Railway Line. Opened in 1965, the Jurong Railway ran 19 km from the Bukit Timah Railway Station to Shipyard Road, near present-day Jurong Island.

asian men discovering forest in Singapore
Explore the Clementi Forest with friends 

This challenging walk stretches 5 km through muddy terrain with slopes. You’ll start your trek from King Albert Park MRT to the first part of the Green Corridor on the Rail Corridor Trail, past the Old Bukit Timah Railway Station heritage site.

Hurry, book your slot today.

Be a tourist

Are your friends visiting Singapore from overseas? New flatmates coming in? Do you want to bring them around the city to learn more about the local culture?

Why not bring them to the Peranakan shophouse!

a typical peranakan home
The Katong Antique House may be a small museum, but it is indeed a charming potpourri of Peranakan heritage.

Located in a two-storey shophouse in Katong, this private museum is a treasure trove of artifacts, costumes, and furniture that gives visitors unique insights into the Peranakan way of life, history, and culture.

Visitors get to experience daily life as a Peranakan with traditional costumes and snacks - from batik sarongs and beaded slippers to pineapples tarts and sweets

Keen to learn more about the history Peranakans? Book your tour here.

Shoot your friends

Yup, you read that right.

Have you ever been mad at your friends (or colleagues) that you just feel like shooting them?

At TactSim, you can.

Bring your friends along and test your shooting skills!

TactSim is the first indoor Player versus Player (PvP) airsoft experience in Singapore. Navigate your way around advanced moving wall panels in a varied tactical airsoft experience each season.

TactSim's arenas are specially designed to maximize the gameplay experience, catering to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts. Try out a selection of airsoft gun replicas and test your shooting skills and accuracy on targets!

This is the perfect activity with friends or team bonding session with your team.

Register your interest here.

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