What changes can you experience when living abroad in Singapore?

Just moved to Singapore? Are you experiencing culture shock? These tips will help you adapt to Singapore smoothly.

What changes can you experience when living abroad in Singapore?

Moving abroad and starting over in an entirely new environment is definitely a terrifying yet exhilarating adventure. Literally everything changes! No, we are not talking about the different coffee taste or the type of shampoo used.

Zach Braff: “The best way to travel abroad is to live with the locals.”

You now get to be part of two worlds, your comfort world where you can melt into oblivion, and the exhilarating world where you get to see what is on the other side of the grass patch.

Maybe you are even looking at community living or you don’t even know what is co-living in Singapore like, that will be another story for another day.

You get to adopt a completely new lifestyle and learn how it’s like to live in a tropical country. Being bombarded with cultural diversity, different food, different lingos… how then to blend in?

Image: Unsplash by Nauris Pukis

Well, like what Zach Braff said, the best way to travel abroad is to live with the locals, and to do so, you need to know what could be the physical changes to your body when you move from one climate to another.

Apparently, one of the more obvious changes would be your hair! Ladies, if you are starting to notice a change in texture in your hair, or your hair is frizzing and you are freaking out because you have no idea why, read on!

One of the main factors affecting your hair is humidity. With Singapore’s incredibly high humidity, it is almost like a nuclear reaction when your hair meets the air. 😞

Image: Times of India

Alright, maybe not too extreme but you get the gist of it! Humidity influences the look of your hair as your hair is held together by hydrogen bonds which are weak against water.

I won’t bore you with the scientific details but essentially, the moisture in the air triggers curls and frizz. While there are definitely a number of shampoo conditioners and oil serums to help tame the beast, most of the time it requires patience as your hair has to get used to the humidity in the air.

You can look out for shampoos or conditioners with a pH of 5.5. A gentle pH balanced shampoo helps to rebalance damaged hair and boost hydration which is the key to getting thick, long and beautiful hair.

Another significant change would be your skin condition. While Singapore’s tropical weather 🌞 is an open invitation to go sunbathing or enjoy a dip in the pool/beach!

Image: Unsplash by Annie Spratt

But… it probably isn’t a very good idea. Here’s why:

As mentioned above, high humidity means that there is a lot of moisture in the air and this can cause the pores of the skin to open up, making them defenseless against dirt, oil and allergens. Too much humidity can cause issues like acne, skin breakouts and even allergic reactions.

You would probably be reminded of your pre-puberty stage. The good news? You are reminded of your pre-puberty stage, where your only worry was how to pass this exam.

The bad news? This is a condition called, ‘tropical acne’ thanks to our bright and lovely Sun. But to battle this enemy, stay indoors in your short term apartment rental. With Cove, you get to stay indoors and turn on the A/C, just remember the utility cap of $75!

If you have absolutely no choice but to step out and face the enemy, always bring cooling wet wipes to keep your face clean as you sweat! Don’t forget the brolly and sunscreen too!

For those blessed with amazing skin no matter the weather conditions? You’re so lucky!