Making your new home Insta-ready

You can take as much selfies and do all the new TikTok challenge in your new aesthetic new room!

Making your new home Insta-ready

Millennials and Gen Zs nowadays just loooove posting and showing off our daily lives on social media, don’t we?

And this is why we make sure that your room is styled well for that Insta-worthy story, before you move in.

Faux plant? ✅
Comfortable bed? ✅
Aesthetic photo frame? ✅
Wardrobe for your fashionable clothes? ✅
Good lighting? ✅
All check!

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see your room tour Insta-stories and TikTok dance videos soon! Remember to tag us @cove_sg on your IGS and who knows? You might be featured on our Instagram and stand a chance to win our monthly giveaway too!

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