These crystals helped our Covey ace her job interviews!

Talk about we will, we will rock you 🔮

These crystals helped our Covey ace her job interviews!

Bretman Rock, Katy Perry, David Beckham, Naomi Campbell. What do these famous names have in common? Well, they are all spiritual individuals who love their crystals.

Similarly, this fellow Covey here also treasures her crystals as she believes it brings her calmness and happiness. And this is her crystal journey.

How it started

Julia began collecting crystals several years ago, after graduation. It was her mom who got her started. The main purpose was to protect herself against any bad energy and intentions.

Since then, Julia will never fail to carry around amethysts and citrine crystals during important meetings and events. She believes that it gave her some luck, especially when going for job interviews. 💼

After three years of being a crystal collector, Julia now owns a total of 15 crystals!

“I’m quite addicted to buying new ones,” she joked.

What’s in her collection?

The crystals that Julia owns are not random, each crystal has its own purpose in her life.

For her job interviews, she would always wear a
Citrine as it brings abundance, happiness and confidence. 💪

Holding a big piece of
Titanium Aura Quartz makes her feel calm when she’s feeling anxious.

For love, Rose Quartz is perfect. It heals past heart traumas, emotional wounds and opens your heart ‘chakra’. ❤️️

If you love watching celebrities’ house tours, you might notice a huge piece of Amethyst in their homes! Bella Hadid and Angelina Jolie to name a few. This crystal protects you, heals and helps with decision making.

A Clear Quartz is astone that heals the most, clear mental blockages (also to strengthen the other crystals around).

Keen on collecting crystals? Here’s a tip or two!

Julia recommends future crystal enthusiasts doing some background research into what they need and what they want out of life before investing in these beautiful stones.

Personally, Julia feels that the Amethyst is the perfect first crystal to own due to the multiple benefits — relieving stress, fear, anxiety. One can even use it for vivid dreams by putting it under the pillow while one is asleep.

Other than that, Clear Quartz is a great first crystal to own, it regulates energy and neutralizes background radiation, cleanses and enhances the organs and helps with concentration and memory.

Where to get ‘em?

Most of the crystals were bought in the Netherlands, but she also bought a few good crystals in Singapore from Yuniverspeaks and kulukulucrystals.

“When picking them I always go for the ones I feel most attracted to, sometimes there might be a meaning behind the reason why you’re attracted to a certain crystal,” and this is why it is important to find out the meaning behind every crystal!

Julia also shared a beautiful quote by the legendary Marilyn Monroe, “If crystals can support us in a way that we can’t see but we can feel, isn’t that powerful enough?”

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