The ideal work from home situation

Here are some tips to make remote work way convenient than it already has been!

The ideal work from home situation

We’re back to working from home for more than a month now and it seems like it’s gonna be the default for a few weeks’ time before the government eases Covid-19 restrictions.

We can all agree that WFH sure has its perks but let’s admit, we do get demotivated to start work or get a little too tired in the middle of the day. But not to worry! Here are some tips on how you can keep on going and press on during WFH season.

Take short breaks

Sitting on the office chair, sofa or on your bed while working from home can be quite tiring and bad for you back. Remember to get out of the chair to move around!

You can simply look out at the window to rest your eyes, walk to the nearest eatery to get lunch instead of ordering in or just walk around your house just to keep yourself a little bit active.

Quick workouts

Talking about being active, one of the best ways to perk yourself up during a long office day is by keeping yourself fit!

Set aside 10 minutes in the afternoon to not do any work, and just re-energise yourself by doing a short 10 minutes workout.

It can be a relaxing yoga, a simple stretch, a quick tabata or anything that you love.

Image: Unsplash by Kari Shea

I’m pretty sure you’ll feel hyped to continue your work right after the quick workout.

If you’re new to working out, be sure to get your yoga mats, dry-fit shirts or weights at Decathlon at affordable prices.

If you haven’t got an indoor plant, you should definitely get one now.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy, these plants actually do help us with feeling relaxed.

Image: White Flower Farm

With plants in your room, it’ll benefit your mental and spiritual health too. To learn more about indoor plants, read up on our indoor plants article.

Take a nap

Aren’t we all guilty of that? Well, don’t be.

According to Forbes, a solid 10-minute power nap helps to boost one’s focus and productivity almost immediately. But, do not nap for too long as the longer you nap, the longer it takes for the effects to kick in.

Image: Unsplash by Adrian Swancar

It is also recommended to nap in the late morning or early afternoon so as to not disturb your normal sleeping schedule.

Get a playlist ready

We all groove to different types of music. So make sure you find the right playlist to listen to while you’re working to keep you motivated.

Image: Unsplash by Austin Distel

If you don’t already have a playlist to listen to while working from home, here’s a playlist we’ve curated especially for you!

Communicate with your family members

It’s important to let your family members know that you’re working from home and you need some peace and quiet during office hours for your remote work.

Do let them know so they won’t bother you to get lunch, wash the toilet or run errands while you’re busy rushing for deadlines.

It’s also crucial that you have a designated space to carry out your WFH tasks, and let your family members know that this space is your home office. So that they won’t disturb this area!

Alternatively, you can move with Cove where you can have your own room! You can enjoy the utmost privacy in your room where you have your own desk for your WFH needs, an extension plug to charge all your devices such as laptops, tablets and phones — basically all your work from home essentials — making telecommuting so convenient.

Not to forget a very comfortable bed to nap on.

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