Simple tips on how to get along with your flatmates

Everything you need to know to make your co-living experience more enjoyable!

group of friends hugging in front of Fullerton Bay hotel

Living with a bunch of people you just met may be a new concept for some people. You could be wondering how you can be a good flatmate and avoid any misunderstandings between you and your flatmates.

We’ve compiled a list of simple tips you should follow to enjoy harmonious co-living!

House rules exist for a reason

Living in a co-living accommodation like Cove, these house rules reflect the dos and don’ts in the home, so following these rules can help everyone live more comfortably together!

Just put yourself in your flatmate’s shoes — you wouldn’t want to be awakened by loud music late at night while you’re trying to get your beauty sleep, right?

Clean after yourself

If all your life you’ve been pampered by your parents or helpers to clean up your dishes, do your laundry and clean your room, well… time to say bye-bye to all those bad habits!

You don’t have to be very OCD about cleaning, just make sure you wipe down the table when you’re done with the meal, wash the dishes after you’ve finished eating and cleaning and clean up any other mess.

man washing and wiping the dishes

You don’t wanna find bits of chips lying around the sofa while you’re binge watching Emily in Paris, do you? Leftover food also attracts pests and I’m sure all of us aren’t too keen on having them over as visitors ;)

Schedule shower time if need be

Just like yourself, your flatmates are also rushing for time and want to be the first in the shower when they wake up. It’s always hard to decide who should shower first and who will be the last person to freshen up.

woman scrubbing her head with shower gel

This way, you’ll never have to hear multiple knocks on the toilet door asking you to hurry up. You can enjoy your hot shower as long as you can (during your agreed time, of course)! 🚿

Initiate house chores

Ran out of toilet paper? Replace it with a new roll.

Trash is full? Take it out to the main chute.

Out of sugar? Add it to your list the next time you go grocery shopping.

These little things may seem insignificant, but when everyone does their part in keeping the house in order, it helps to make the co-living experience even more enjoyable. You know what they say… teamwork makes the dream work!

Communication is key

When you’re living with different people, it’s only natural that problems or conflicts arise. It could be that someone is taking somebody else’s food without permission, bringing guests and making a lot of noise or not putting down the toilet seat.

two women sulking

It’s always best to have an open dialogue with each other to address any issues and discuss solutions to resolve them in a calm and mature manner. We find that open communication between flatmates has a more positive long-term impact and will definitely strengthen your friendship with each other.

You chose to co-live for a reason! Don’t forget to make new friends, pick up a new hobby, learn more about your flatmate’s culture and create new memories and experiences. That’s what co-living is all about! ;)