Finally, goodbye 2020!

It’s been a tough year — the pandemic, lockdown, zoom meetings, isolation, closure of borders — but we pulled through!

Finally, goodbye 2020!

What a ride. Who would have thought this year would be such a hectic and unpredictable year?

Travelling? Cancelled. Socialising? Limited to Zoom. Going out? Don’t forget your mask!

While 2020 has been a very challenging year, I’m sure most of us had positive things that happened.

The introvert in us enjoyed staying home, nestled in bed while doing work. We adopted more and more indoor plants because we miss the flora outside. Some of us got hooked on TikTok because we were so bored and miss dancing in the clubs (speaking of which, check out Cove’s TikTok 😜)!

To wrap up this strange year, we took a look back at our 2020 to spread some of the best things we got out of this year.

Let’s all wish for a happier and pandemic-free 2021, and if you need the encouragement to break up with 2020, here’s a Cove-curated Spotify playlist just for you. 🎧

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