Building a new website from scratch? Our Frontend Developer shares it all.

Learn how his passion in coding and tech turned into a career!

Building a new website from scratch? Our Frontend Developer shares it all.

What started as a hobby for him when he was in primary school, turned into a career more than a decade later.

That’s what Cove’s very own Frontend Developer, Hongchiong, shared with me during a casual conversation over text. During his school days, he actually downloaded lots of games and music, to burn them into CDs (do you still remember what are those?!), so that he could access those games and music for free!

Shh, don’t tell anyone, it’s our secret! 🤫

He even joked that he should have made more copies to sell as a side business!

Jokes aside, those are the things that made Hongchiong realised that he has a thing for IT actually. And today, he builds and maintains both Cove websites for Singapore and Indonesia. As well as the upcoming tenant management dashboard.

Despite being with Cove for merely less than a year, Hongchiong has been heavily involved in building both new websites from scratch.

“To reflect Cove’s new branding on the 2 new websites was a pretty challenging task, given the short time frame,” recalled the mahjong lover.

He shared that he had to understand the existing systems and also plan for the tech stack that he should use in order to meet the specifications and timeline.

After countless discussions (and also late night coding!) with one of our co-founders, Luca, his teammate in charge of the backend, Jamie, and designers from an external agency as well as our very own marketing team, the new websites were successfully launched in October and November last year.

Hongchiong and his teammates were really relieved that the first hurdle was finally over. Now, he’s focusing on maintaining and improving the website experience!

According to Hongchiong, the initial phase of learning the coding fundamentals is the toughest and might seem overwhelming, but he encourages fellow aspiring coders to stick with it and never give up! Because just like life, it gets better.

So the next time you visit our website and love how seamless, user-friendly and how aesthetically pleasing it is, always remember that Hongchiong together with his teammates really put in sweat, blood and tears into it! And if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop us feedback at [email protected] :)

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