7 indoor plants that will make you feel relaxed

Say aloe to your new at-home-therapists! You’ll certainly feel calmer doing your WFH with these plants around.

7 indoor plants that will make you feel relaxed

Keeping indoor plants is indeed the craze among millennials these days, and thanks to quarantine, we have even more plant lovers now.

According to The Guardian, the millennial generation desire to have something to nurture and care for, and that’s why most of them are now plant parents!

These indoor plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re beneficial for our mental and spiritual health too. Plus, these plants don’t require so much maintenance.

We know you don’t want to miss out on this latest trend, so we’ve created a list of beginner-friendly indoor plants that you and your fellow flatmates can get to spruce up the common spaces in your home, or if you’d like to make your bedroom greener! 🎍

And for you plant enthusiasts out there, you might want to add these plants to your growing collection too. 🌱

1. Aloe vera

Stylish and practical, this succulent plant is a perfect addition to your home. Not only does aloe vera purify the air, it is also known to release oxygen during the night, helping to improve your sleep.

Image: The Spruce

You only need to water it once every three weeks to keep the soil moist to maintain it.

On top of that, you can also make full use of the aloe vera gel to treat minor burns or cuts, and even a DIY hydrating mask!

2. Snake plant

Commonly known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant is a great beginners’ friend with minimal maintenance required.

You’ll only have to water it once a week, and can place it anywhere from the living room, balcony, by the dining area or in your living room since it’s very adaptable to most conditions, be it low or brightly lit areas.

Image: White Flower Farm

Besides emitting oxygen, snake plants also absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide and other toxins from the air. Keeping the air fresh and breathable for you, your flatmates and your guests!

3. Money plant

If you often spend so much time in front of your laptops, computers or mobile devices, especially now that we are working from home more often, the devil’s ivy or money plant is your saviour!

Image: Flower Power

This plant acts as an anti-radiator inside your homes, by cutting away harmful radiation from electronic gadgets. At the same time, it helps to protect your eyes when you have to stare at your computer screens for hours due to work. 💻

Like the name suggests, a money plant is also traditionally believed to bring in wealth and help its owner achieve personal goals; be it in their private or work life!

4. Bonsai

Yes, we know! We did say that this list of indoor plants requires minimal maintenance, and you probably weren’t expecting a bonsai. But hear us out!

If you’re the type who prefers a smaller indoor plant, bonsai suits you best!

Image: Backyard Boss

Besides its sophisticated and pretty look, by just trimming, watering and gazing at its beauty, can be very soothing and relaxing too.

5. Dracaena

Known as the most effective houseplant in air purification, dracaenas are low-maintenance plants that adapt well to a variety of light environments.

Image: Crocus

Dracaena helps to remove chemicals that are linked to several health problems such as respiratory problems, headaches, kidney disease and lots more.

Many studies have shown that this plant contributes to improving mood, increases self-esteem, and helps us feel more relaxed and calm. So it is not only visually pleasing but brings out the joy in us too! 🤩

6. Rubber plant

If you’re on a budget but wish to have a number of indoor plants around your room and common areas, a rubber plant is the best choice!

You can easily propagate rubber plants by cutting off a stem (preferably a healthy stem which didn’t receive much sunlight) and place it in a new pot.

Image: The Sill

This way you can have multiple rubber plants in your house, and in the office too! Or… give it as a gift to your friends! 😉

Now, you don’t have to worry about what to get your loved ones when their birthdays are coming plus you can save some money too!

7. Spider plant

Being a new plant mom or dad is a heavy responsibility.

If you worry about placing your plants in areas with low or too much light, whether you underwater or overwater your plants, spider plants will surely make your plant parenthood stress-free!

Image: Crocus

Spider plants are able to adapt and thrive well in different environments, even when it’s not tended to for a long period of time. Besides that, it’s also effective in eliminating harmful gases in the air.

Now that you know which plant to get and what’s their benefits, the next step is to head down to get it and decorate your apartment! We recommend this bamboo rack for you to nicely showcase your collection!

Not only is your living space more aesthetically done up now, with these plants around they will surely help to increase productivity, decrease stress and enrich overall well-being and health 😌

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